Episode 7: Pay Your Way

In this episode we discuss the pay to win model, what it means and why Ashes should at all attempts try to avoid it.

No Pay To Win

This has essentially been indoctrinated in all of us since the moment Ashes of Creation was announced. It was in the Kickstarter campaign, their home page, even on the advertisements they bought through Google adwords. On the surface this appears to be true to their word. Ashes will have a cash shop but for cosmetics only. If this is the case why do a show over nothing? In other words, how will cosmetics allow for pay to win? This has to do with the game design.

Real World Cash to In Game Gold

In World of Warcraft, for the most past, the amount of gold you obtain does not change the outcome of what you experience. The raid zones will exist for however long it takes you to get to see them. Some people will arrive within the first few weeks. You might take months. Regardless, the content will be there. Now think about Ashes. The game world is planned to change around the actions of its players. Players will obtain power through skill but also coin and influence. If you have a massive coffer, you could literally change the world and what other players experience. If a pipeline is created by Intrepid where real world cash can turn into game coin there exists the possibility of a large problem. Power will not be determined by in game skill but by who has the better paying real life job.

Will cosmetics be no-trade?

This question is the hinge on which the scenario above rests. If items bought through the cash shop are able to be sold and traded in game there exists the imbalance. Potentially, I could be able to buy anything I wanted and build anything I wanted. In addition I could hire as many guards as I wanted. I could influence sieges by offering guild leaders massive amounts of coin, not earned through my play, but bought through the cash shop.  Furthermore while whales would be very good for Intrepid’s coffers, would this be good for the health of Ashes?


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