Episode 6: Managing Communities

In Episode 6: Managing Communities we start off talking about community management and take a left shift to 8 man groups and loot rolls after a new blog post is made mid show.

Community Management Changes?

One undeniable fact (really, there is research behind it) is that a community’s overall affect and behavior will flow through the community management team and the more visible development team. What does that mean? If the community team or developers are not a friendly bunch, the community will not be either.  When we hear that the main member is leaving just after a record setting Kickstarter campaign, it perks our ears up. We begin this show discussing why.

The show takes an abrupt turn midway when a new and interesting blog post was released by Steven.

8 Person Groups

That’s right. Currently the group size stands at 8 players. Needless to say an examination of this is going to take an entirely separate post and show. However we do get into some of the plus and several minuses of aiming for a group size this big.

Loot Roll Bid System

I’m not even sure where to begin here. Actually, no, I do know where to begin and also what I would do with this system. I would bid low on every item forcing people that wanted it to bid higher which would then send coin my way. That’s called an exploit.  While I am joking, somewhat, it seems likely this would be an occurrence we would have to deal with regularly. More on that topic later.


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