In this episode we discuss role-playing in Ashes of Creation and what we would like to see. We also talk a little about the summer crowdfunding campaign.

Both topics have been hot button topics on the official forums. Intrepid does not plan on allowing for separate servers i.e. PVE, PVP and RP and for some this is an issue. Personally I like the idea. The way this game is planned and being developed it will require servers with high populations to get what is desired. Splitting the community with separate servers would create potentially huge problems for that need. Not to mention I personally think you can and should role-play on any server if role-playing is what you want to do.

As for the summer crowdfunding campaign. If you are upset about it, get over it. They announced they were doing this and what they were doing before the Kickstarter campaign ended so you were given warning. And echoing what I said above: You should WANT more people interested in this game.

I want to also mention our forum site is now live. You can find it in the header or check it out here: The Ashen Forums.

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