I think this is a legitimate question. It was sparked by a recent visit to the Final Fantasy XIV forums. I resubbed last month but have not been able to play for about 3 weeks (largely because of setting up this site and the forums) and I decided to go to their forums today to look around. That’s when I noticed that while I was able to read posts, I was not able to reply and I was also not able to view profiles of other users. That’s when I was given the message that because I had not logged into the game for 14 days, I was not able to have those functions. ​
I have been told that change was made a while ago after I had taken a hiatus, so inevitably some long term players will say its old news and to move on however….I am a paying customer with an active subscription.

I understand the likely rationale. To weed out some of the filth and trolls, who don’t actually play the game nor care about it, restrict their access to read only. However what about someone in my position that has an active sub, has no strikes, is not able to play right now, and still wants to be a part of the community? Forums by nature are an extension of the game but outside of the game in order to continue communications when one is not able to be playing in the game. So why restrict interaction to only those who have recently been in the game? It just does not make sense to me. Clearly if this has been an active restriction for some time Square Enix has not seen reason to reverse it.

With Ashes of Creation, and their huge focus on community, I hope something like this is not in their plans. I can understand restricting forum access to people who are not subbed. That is a fair way to restrict the vitriol that can occur these days on forums. But to restrict a paying customers access, just because they haven’t had time to log in, seems like a joke to me, especially in an mmorpg.