Class Archetypes Skill UI Reveal For PAX West

Steven introduced a sneak peak of the upcoming PAX West Ashes of Creation reveal. He posted to the Discord news channel four pictures of the skills UI for the class archetypes that will be unveiled at PAX West. These include the Tank, Ranger, Cleric and Mage.  He also stated that this will be the largest single release of information and gameplay they have done. This says quite a bit given the amount of information that was revealed during their Kickstarter campaign.  Within this information will also be "key dates and features." So until PAX West comes, enjoy this little preview.

Who should be allowed to post in a game forum?

I think this is a legitimate question. It was sparked by a recent visit to the Final Fantasy XIV forums. I resubbed last month but have not been able to play for about 3 weeks (largely because of setting up this site and the forums) and I decided to go to their forums today to look around. That's when I noticed that while I was able to read posts, I was not able to reply and I was also not able to view profiles of other users. That's when I was given the message that because I had not logged into the game for 14 days, I was not able to have those functions. ​

What’s Your Story?

One of the biggest things I look forward to with Ashes of Creation is the possibility of diverging and truly unique server histories and player stories. Having been a long time mmorpg player one of the things I have grown to see as a problem with the genre is that we all experience the narrative of the world basically the same way. Yes, some games allow for different beginning stories based on race or side narratives for classes or crafters but by far the server story is the same for each player and across multiple servers. While some people might see this as okay, I feel that it is a big reason for stagnation and loss of players over time. Inevitably we almost all will make at least one alt in the mmorpgs we play but for me this is to have access to another class or profession, and having to go through the quests and thus story lines exactly the same way leads to a loss of fun within the game.

A Breakdown of Ashes of Creation’s Kickstarter Success

Ashes of Creation has funded after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. The starting goal of $750,000 was absolutely crushed with an end total of $3,271,809 raised by 19,576 backers. This ranks Ashes of Creation as the top funded mmorpg in Kickstarter history and places it as #7 in the all time video game rankings list. This is a tremendous accomplishment and one that I am sure everyone at Intrepid Studios is proud of. For them, it's on to game development and for me it's time too look a little closer at what they did right.